School Newsletter


Dear Parents and Carers, 

Welcome to Catholic Education Week, which is certainly being "celebrated" quite differently this year, with many of the usual larger gatherings of staff and/ or students cancelled. Knowing this, with us able to only have up to 100 people gather at St Patrick's Cathedral, Fr Michael and I came up with a plan (with much syncronising and rearranging of diaries) so that each year level was able to revisit the church in the first two weeks of this term. For most of us, it was our first church visit since Term One.

To make it more of an "occasion", and an acknowledgement of St Pat's as a "sacred space" we gathered with the students and their teachers in the sanctuary, behind the altar. There, we celebrated Mass with Yrs 4-6, Liturgy of the Word with Year 3s and Prayer Gatherings with Prep to Year 2. Each occasion was very special, with Fr Michael reinforcing the message that it is the people, that makes a place sacred, with the emphasis that St Saviour's Primary is a sacred space, because of the students, staff and families and the way we treat and care for each other.

Class gatherings at St Pat's (photo gallery)

Prayer Life of the Family
to Celebrate 175 Years of
Catholic Education in Queensland

Prayer is a way for families, communities and individuals to come together, and show solidarity and be there for each other. We lift our hearts and minds to God when we pray. Everyone can pray and one only has to have the will to pray. There are many ways we can pray alone and also with our families and communities across our Catholic communities in Queensland.

One easy example of family prayer...

Gratitude Prayer
At the dinner table, share a moment of your day that you are grateful for with another.

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM: All students and families who are taking part in the St Pat's Sacramental Program for 2020 are now busy preparing for their First Eucharist Celebration, which will be on either Friday August 14 or Friday August 21. Please let the parish know which date you would like to attend. 

Seminarian Visit: Last week we had two 4th year students from the Holy Spirit Seminary at Banyo spend a few hours with us. Dave Nightingale and Minje Kim spent time talking with students and staff about life in the seminary, why they wanted to become priests and what their life was like before they entered the seminary.

Both men engaged easily with the students and happily answered quite a barrage of questions from students who, for the most part, didn't know what a seminary was. We all thoroughly enjoyed having Dave and Minje visit and have invited them to come back if they can. We wish them all the best in their studies.


Year One Service Activity puts a smile on Fr Michael's face.

At the conclusion of their Prayer Gathering, the Year One students presented Fr Michael with 2 jigsaws for him to complete in his "spare time" help him relax. Of course the jigsaws had a religious theme! See photos below. 

Now everyone who enters the cathedral will get to enjoy the children's artwork and thoughtfulness as well. Well done 1L and 1M.
Staff photos from Bishop's Inservice Day today

Thanks for reading,

Year 2 News

We have been super busy in Year 2 since the end of term 2! We have celebrated success, shared our learning and given thanks to those who have helped us.

Celebrating success

It was an exciting end to term 2 with our drama festival performances. We enjoyed the incredible performance by those students who were chosen to be in the finals and congratulated Joseph Black on first place, Alexis Allen second and Heath Woods in third place. Deborah Thomas and Mahaylie Weribone were also congratulated on outstanding performances with Highly commended. Congratulations to everyone who performed. On the last day of term, 2S shared their narrative learning with Prep A by retelling the Billy Goats Gruff. Students made puppets to accompany their story telling and then helped the Prep students make masks from the story. It was so much fun sharing stories with the preps and spending learning time with the many sets of siblings in the two classes. 


St Saviour’s Primary School Athletics Carnival 2020 

 Week Four 

  • Discus in PE Lessons (2011 – 2008) 1st, 2nd , 3rd and one point for every student who participates. Winners will be announced on assembly. 
  • Discus (Foam) in PE Lessons (2015 – 2012) one point for every student who participates. 

  • Sprints (60m to 100m) on Tuesday after rolls have been marked on school oval by groups of students. Start with 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008. All races 2011 onwards will have a final which will be run before each age group finishes. 
  • All students can dress in house colours for Sprints.  

Zone and Darling Downs Trials 

All zone and darling downs trial dates will be posted on Schoolzine. To receive notifications, download the Schoolzine app and add St Saviour’s Primary School. 

Discus Permission 

Please make sure you log onto CareMonkey and complete the permission form for your child to compete in discus. If no permission is given, your child will be unable to compete in this athletic event. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email 

Athletics Carnival (Week One to Week Three) 

In week one students competed in High Jump (3-6) and Mini Hurdle Races (Prep – 3) and what a close competition it was. I was very impressed by the student skill level and sportsmanship. Results from High Jump are below. 

2011 Girls 

  • 1st - Ariana Jeffrey 
  • 2nd - Sianna Thomas 
  • 3rd - Kyara Flanigan 

2011 Boys 

  • 1st - Taylor Wann 
  • 2nd - Xander Driscoll 
  • 3rd - Luca Chalvien 

2010 Girls 

  • 1st - Erin Ward 
  • 2nd Margaret Abot 
  • 3rd Juel Condon 

2010 Boys 

  • 1st Hunter Tate-Roche 
  • 2nd Victor McLeod 
  • 3rd Zachary Baker 

2009 Girls 

  • 1st - Grace Oughtred 
  • 2nd - Kara Cumming 
  • 3rd - Elizabeth Wolbers 

2009 Boys 

  • 1st - Lachlan Ottobrino 
  • 2nd Leon Smith 
  • 3rd Christian Kenyon 

2008 Girls 

  • 1st - Holly Robinson 
  • 2nd - Alicia Farkarlun 
  • 3rd - Rheanna Hart 

2008 Boys 

  • 1st - Cameron Dennis 
  • 2nd - Conor Ward 
  • 3rd - Dominic Marsh 

In week two students competed in Long Jump (3-6) and Sack Races (Prep – 3) (Photos Attached). I was again very impressed by the student skill level and sportsmanship. Results from Long Jump are below. 

2011 Girls 

  • 1st Piper Dolley 
  • 2nd Angelina Ones 
  • 3rd Sophia Hooper  

2011 Boys 

  • 1st Xander Driscoll 
  • 2nd Thomas Prust 
  • 3rd Taylor Wann  

2010 Girls 

  • 1st Bridgette Cowley  
  • 2nd Lily Kilgour-Henry 
  • 3rd Emma Barram  

2010 Boys 

  • 1st Hunter Tate-Roche 
  • 2nd Niklas Raeth 
  • 3rd Zachary Baker  

2009 Girls 

  • 1st Elizabeth Wolbers 
  • 2nd Lydia Dull 
  • 3rd Kara Cumming  

2009 Boys 

  • 1st Lachlan Ottobrino 
  • 2nd Callum Zull 
  • 3rd Edge Luck  

2008 Girls 

  • 1st Rheanna Hart 
  • 2nd Holly Robinson 
  • 3rd Alicia Farkarlun  

2008 Boys 

  • 1st Cameron Dennis 
  • 2nd Flynn Goodall 
  • 3rd Conor Ward  

This week students in years three to six have been competing in Shotput (Photos Attached) and I have been very impressed with the quality of their throws. 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be worked out over the weekend for age groups 2011 – 2008 and announced on Monday. Prep to year two have been participating in Shotput but using a foam shot this week and what a lot of fun it has been (Photos Attached). All students for prep to year six also competed in ball games and relays on Tuesday of this week and what a fantastic day everyone had (Photos Attached) The year sixes went above and beyond demonstrating what fantastic leaders they are at St Saviour’s Primary School helping our younger students out throughout the day. 

Kind Regards 

Brendan Luck 

PE Teacher 


School Fees

Term 3 School Fees have been emailed home this week.  The due date for payment is Friday 21st August. This is the final account for the year. 

Year 5 Camp

Payment for Year 5 Camp is due on by the 28th August.  Payments can be made directly into the school bank account, via eftpos, or cash payments.

Prep Enrolments 2022

Prep Enrolments are now being taken for Prep 2022.  Please contact the office for an enrolment package.  

School Phone Number

REMINDER:  The school phone number has now officially changed to 4637 1700. Please update these details in your phone. 

Lost Property

Over the past few week's we have had a number of items go missing from school that are all clearly named.  Items such as hats, jumpers and spray jackets that are named have gone missing.  Parents, please check your child's uniform to make sure they are wearing the correct one.  Some of these items that have gone missing are brand new. 

  •  Please ensure that your child has his/her hat at school every day.  We have a number of children who are wanting to "borrow" a hat from the office.  The rules are no hat no play.  The school office does not lend hats.


Please remember that all absentees need to be reported to the office by 9am each day.  This can be done either by phoning the office, emailing the school or sending a schoolzine notification via the school app.  Messages can be left on the school answering machine before 8am.


The Australian Government provides funding to Australian schools under the Australian Education Act 2013 (AE Act). The AE Act and the associated Australian Education Regulation 2013 (the AE Regulation) require that a school authority provides the Australian Government with certain information about the school, its staff, and student body to ensure the school’s funding is properly calculated and appropriately managed. This information is collected by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the department) on behalf of the Australian Government.  Please see attached Privacy Notice regarding the data collection for Census.



Our Book Week Celebration 


Dress–up Parade Tuesday 15th  September 

Following the 2020 theme, students are asked to plan a costume that connects to one word in the theme Curious Creatures Wild Minds and tell us what connection they have made. 

Will you be a creature? 

Are you a curious explorer, scientist, artist.....? 

Where have you gone using your wild imagination/mind? 

 Collaborate and Create ChallengeLet your curiosity run wild... 

Students will be asked to reflect on and share what has sparked their curiosity during their learning and living this term. With teacher guidance, students will collaborate on a plan to showcase their reflections with the final product to be constructed in an hour challenge on Tuesday 15th. The library will display the students’ work for everyone to enjoy. 

  Thanks Year 6 Helpers! 

Each Tuesday we shelve returned items from the previous week. Our rostered Year 6 students make fast work of the fiction and junior fiction titles. We couldn’t complete this task in the time available without their assistance, thanks students! 


More evidence of collaborative helpers! Year 6 students cut and placed the streamers for our library display.


 The finished project thanks to the multi-talented Mrs King and Mrs Powers! 


Mrs King created the amazing lettering to encourage us to ‘Let our curiosity run wild” and Mrs Powers engineered the letters and decorations into place. 

Thank you both so much, all library users will enjoy the results of your effort for weeks to come! 


Term 1 Overdue Library Items

There are a considerable number of loans outstanding from Term 1. If you have received a letter regarding overdue items please make an effort to return them as an invoice for the replacement cost will be sent home in the near future.

Zoom Workshop on Offer from QLD branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia 

 Young Writers Workshop with Brian Falkner 
Are you aged between 8 and 13 and love to write? Then come on a journey of fun and discovery, learning how to create, develop and write awesome stories with Brian Falkner. 
When: Sunday 23 August 2020 from 11am-12:30pm 
Price: Tickets are $10 for members and $15 for non-members. 

Brian loves telling stories, either his bestselling books, or standing in front of an audience of students. He's the award-winning author of nineteen books for children and young adults, published in over twelve countries in seven languages. 
For the last 10 years, Brian has also been touring the world teaching and coaching students in creative writing. His energy and humour make his workshops a fun and rewarding experience for young writers and his sessions are in high demand. 
Brian set up the Write Like an Author program running workshops in school holidays. 
Book here to join this ZOOM Online workshop. Only one booking per family required. 


Please claim these items from the library if they belong to you! 


 Keep reading and remember to be curious about the world around you!

Mrs Anderson

Teacher Librarian 

Semester One Academic & Encouragment Awards

Congratulations to all students who received Academic and Encouragement Awards on Monday. Academic Awards were presented to students who performed exceptionally well (All A and B results) in all learning areas over the course of Semester One.  One member of each class also received an Academic Encouragment Award for the effort they put into their learning over the semester.  There was also one academic medal that is awared for receiving an 'A' in all learning areas.  

ACADEMIC MEDALLION (An 'A' in all learning areas) - Maya Smith in Year 5W


ENCOURAGEMENT AWARDS - Sarah Blessing, Levi Nash, Jagger Witt, Faith Lorraway, Makaya Teske, Edwin Tom, Rafferty Dwan, Heath Woods, Grayson Nissen, Edward Boland, Sophia Hooper, Riley Woods, Archie Collins, Sophia Bumatay, Nimeesha Sunil, Margaret Abot, Jasmine Littleton-Erbs, Lizzie Wolbers, Kylie Gray.


ACADEMIC AWARDS - Please see photos below of some students who received academic awards.

Year 6 Sport Shirts

Dan Eagleson has informed me that he has some extra 2020 Year 6 leader shirts.  If your child has grown out of theirs or would like another one, please stop into the uniform shop to purchase a shirt.

Year 5 Camp

Further information, including permission forms, have been sent this week regarding year 5 camp.  This camp will take place in week 9 of this term.  Please check Caremonkey for further information.

STEMPunks visit

STEMPunks visited our Year 4, 5 and 6 students this week.  Please see some photos below of the lessons.

Internet Safety

Internet Safe Education is a company that has visited St Saviour's Primary previously, delivering presentations are online safety for students.  

They have developed a handbook titled, '5 Principles to stay safe online handbook'.  It is aimed at parents and is a very easy read.  If you are concerned with your child's online behaviours or aren't sure what they are doing online, please visit the following link:

School Uniform

During these colder days it is still a requirement that students wear the correct school uniform.  If students are undable to attend school in the correct uniform, it is asked that you notify their classroom teacher in writing.

If you are unsure of the correct uniform, please visit the following link:

Dear parents, staff and students,

Semester Two brings the opportunity for all students to learn more about the world, to improve on their achievements and to perhaps place further attention on areas of need.  It also brings further opportunities for our school community to continue the positive culture that SSPS is well known for amongst the wider community.  Together we strive to provide the best educational and pastoral environment for all associated with our great school.  

It is the joint responsibility of all parents, staff, and students to actively contribute to this strong sense of culture positively.  The valued input of parents in their child’s education is fundamental to the success a child has at school.  All families who choose to enrol their children in a Catholic School have a responsibility to that school to add to its unique culture and Christian dimension.  Our school continues to operate successfully due to the unified purpose and approach by all involved. I know you will continue to work with us, so your children can grow in confidence as St Saviour’s Learners.

You as parents assist us by the importance you place on education and encouraging your children to be respectful citizens of society. I ask that you regularly have conversation with your children about treating everyone with respect, attending school, being on time, wearing the correct uniform and placing a high value on learning.  The value you place on the traits of a learner and being a global citizen will be the values your child holds into the future. Primary school is the crucial time to establish values, develop positive dispositions and an understanding of the benefits of being resilient and to persist in all endeavours.  

Our teachers and support staff pride themselves on doing their best to support your child’s learning and to strive for goodness in their daily interactions. I applaud those parents who show a keen interest in their child’s learning. Remember, communication between home and school is vital for a happy and productive school year. Your child’s teacher will inform you on the most effective mode of communication. Myself, Mr Sam Hannant (Assist. Principal) and Mrs Judy Smith (Assist. Principal Religious Education) are more than happy to meet and discuss matters at any stage. 

We know that issues arise from time to time.  A school comprises of many different parties: the Parish, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office, School Administration, teachers and support staff, visiting specialists, parent groups and students. As educators of children, we understand the concerns of parents and we ask that parents in return understand that the roles of the teacher continue to become more demanding and complex.  Education is very much a partnership, so when an issue arises, please contact the person concerned directly at the earliest opportunity and in the least formal way, i.e. a quick chat before or after school, courteous email or phone call at a reasonable time of day. Following this initial contact and if the matter seemingly cannot be resolved, the Principal or Assistant Principal should then become involved. Please show your trust in your child’s teacher and avoid the approach of “going over their head” as all this creates is a feeling of distrust. 

Another important point is to keep an open mind about what you hear.  We love and cherish our children however it is wise to remember that they can sometimes embellish and misinterpret things. Checking ‘stories’ with those concerned in a courteous manner should resolve any such problems. As mentioned earlier, communication is key to continued harmony and care of all students.

I am very proud of the way the children conduct themselves with their learning and the exemplary behaviour and approach they show each day here at St Saviour’s Primary School.  This of course does not occur by accident or good luck.  The pride the children take in learning new things and respecting each other is no doubt due to the great parenting and highly effective teaching and learning team of SSPS.

The students who recently received an academic excellence award and encouragement award are true testament to the great place of learning our school is each and every day.  

Catholic Education Week 2020 

Queensland ‘s Catholic schools this year celebrate 175 years of Catholic schooling.  In our school, in this week particularly, we celebrate Catholic Education in Queensland experienced in the past.  We congratulate all those who IMG_1614.JPGcontinue to give personally and professionally to Catholic Education.  Here at St Saviour’s we recognised the following staff for reaching various milestones of service: Mrs Julie Robinson (20 years), Mrs Paula Wagner (25 Years), Mrs Narelle Jackson (25 years) and Anita McVeigh (20 years).

We remember and give thanks to God for all those whose passion, dedication and hard work have brought us to this time and place in Catholic Education.  The theme for this year is A Spirited Tomorrow. We look toward to the future with excitement and anticipation of what is to come for our journey ahead, trusting in God’s Spirit who walks with us and guides our way.  In our school, in this week particularly, we celebrate the vision of what Catholic Education in Queensland can mean for the future. In Queensland there are more than 310 Catholic schools, 20 000 staff and 149 000 students across five Dioceses. We recognise that each one of us today – those in Queensland and beyond – has a place in shaping the future of Catholic Education.

Today, Friday 31st July is a student free day.  Staff have come together for continued professional development in the area of Religious Education.  Mrs Judy Smith (APRE) has lead the staff in a day of reflection.  Thanks to Toowoomba Catholic Schools for preparing the materials for the professional development for staff and to Judy for organising and presenting on the day. 

COVID Update

If your child develops flu like symptoms, please:

  • keep the child at home and seek advice about undergoing COVID testing
  • contact your doctor or contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) immediately
  • call ahead to the medical centre or doctor’s surgery, advising of your child’s symptoms

Interstate travel (NSW)

The Premier of Queensland has urged all Queenslanders to avoid interstate travel to NSW. People undertaking interstate travel (particularly staff) should be aware of the possibility of changes to border restrictions at short notice and the possible impact this may have on quarantine rules and arrangements.

Current declared hotspots requiring mandatory quarantine are: in Sydney, Liverpool, Campbelltown and Fairfield LGAs, and the whole of Victoria.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Catholic Education in Queensland.

Many blessings and thanks for reading.


St Saviour’s Primary School Athletics Carnival 2020

We are very excited to announce that we will be running an amended Athletics Carnival in line with the COVID-19 restrictions in Term 3.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions a total of only 100 people (this includes students and adults) can attend the carnival. Students will therefore be competing in events in PE lessons and in class/age groups (program below). Unfortunately, to adhere to the 100 people restriction, parents are unable to attend the carnival this year. Our main objective is to make sure the students get to compete in the Athletics Carnival. We are conscious that our Year Six leaders look forward to their final carnival and they will still get the chance to lead, cheer and help out over the course of the weeks. With Field Events being conducted during PE lessons, 1st, 2nd and 3rd (2011 – 2008) will not be able to be worked out until all students have competed in the event. All results will be recorded and winners for each age group will be announced at the following assembly.

Sprints, relays and ball games will be conducted by age groups and ribbons will be given to first, second and third. Unfortunately, due to the size of our oval, no 200m and 800m events will happen this year.

The carnival will take a total of four weeks to complete as outlined below and I thank parents and students for their understanding during this time. At the end of the carnival, age champions and an overall house will be announced again on assembly.

We have received notification that there will be no Zone Carnival or Darling Downs Athletics Carnival.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Miss Sleba or myself via email

Week One

  • High Jump in PE Lessons (2012 – 2008) 1st, 2nd, 3rd and one point for every student who participates. Winners will be announced on assembly.
  • Mini Hurdles Race in PE Lessons (2015 – 2011) one point for every student who participates.

Week Two

  • Long Jump in PE Lessons (2011 – 2008) 1st, 2nd , 3rd and one point for every student who participates. Winners will be announced on assembly.
  • Sack Race in PE Lessons (2015 – 2012) one point for every student who participates.

 Week Three

  • Shotput in PE Lessons (2011 – 2008) 1st, 2nd , 3rd and one point for every student who participates. Winners will be announced on assembly.
  • Shotput (Foam) in PE Lessons (2015 – 2012) one point for every student who participates.   
  • Relays and Ballgames on Tuesday after rolls have been marked on school oval by groups of students. Start with Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6. Points will be as follows, 1st = 5, 2nd = 3, 3rd = 2, 4th = 1.
  • All students to dress in house colours for Relays and Ballgames.

Week Four

  • Discus in PE Lessons (2011 – 2008) 1st, 2nd , 3rd and one point for every student who participates. Winners will be announced on assembly.
  • Discus (Foam) in PE Lessons (2015 – 2012) one point for every student who participates.   
  • Sprints (60m to 100m) on Tuesday after rolls have been marked on school oval by groups of students. Start with 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008. Heats from last years run offs will be used. All races 2011 onwards will have a final which will be run before each age group finishes.
  • All students to dress in house colours for Sprints.

We look forward to the competition ahead for the St Saviour’s Primary School 2020 Athletics Carnival.

Zone and Darling Downs Trials

All Zone and Darling Downs trial dates will be posted on School Zine. To receive notifications, download the School Zine app and add St Saviour’s Primary School.

Discus Permission

Please make sure you log onto CareMonkey and complete the permission form for you child to compete in discus. If no permission is given, your child will be unable to compete in this athletic event. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email

Athletics Carnival (Week One)

Students in Years Three to Six have been competing in High Jump (Photos Attached) this week and I have been very impressed with the quality of their jumps. 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be worked out over the weekend for age groups 2011 – 2008 and announced on Monday. Prep to Year Two have been participating in a mini hurdles race this week and what a lot of fun it has been (Photos Attached).

Kind Regards

Brendan Luck

PE Teacher

Curious Creatures Wild Minds – Book Week 2020 


 We will celebrate this theme across the term and finish with a collaborative class project and a dress-up day on Tuesday 15th September (Week 10). 


Angelo took up the challenge of creating a curious creature over the holidays and he is to be commended for the excellent model and for the thinking that inspired it. Angelo’s creation is on display in the library among some wonderful books that feature creatures of every kind. 


Year 6 rostered library helpers had fun transforming our puppets into curious creatures.

Curious Creatures Drawing Competition 

Students are invited to draw their idea of a curious creature and bring it to the library no later than Thursday 30th July. All drawings will go on display and one prize will be awarded in each class.   

 Is this your copy of 52 Storey Treehouse?  


Students are welcome to come into the library from 8 am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for some quiet reading during the cold months of July and August. I have enjoyed seeing them making the most of this invitation over the last 2 days!

Happy creating everyone!

Anne Anderson

Teacher Librarian

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to another busy (and somewhat chilly) term! I do hope that you enjoyed the winter break and managed to get some quality family time together!

Sacramental Program recommences: An email has been sent to let families know about the process to conclude the Reconciliation part of the program. See that letter attached here and please let the parish know asap about which date suits you, remembering that there is a limit of 3 people per family to attend. 

Class Masses: It was lovely yesterday to finally be able to celebrate Mass in the cathedral, with Year 4 and then Year 5s gathering in the sanctuary. With our theme of "Sacred Spaces", Fr Michael, as usual, had a very engaging way of focusing the students on the topic- What makes a space "sacred"? I encourage you to ask your Yr 4/5 student what the answer is to that question...and also, what did Fr Michael have for them to look at (through), as part of his homily! You might be surprised by the answer.



Next week, we are planning on having Masses with Year 6 and Prayer Gatherings with Prep to Year 3...all in the sanctuary, around the altar.

Service Activities:

At the end of last term, classes undertook a variety of service activities. Below you will see photos showing:-

: Year 3s making Lavender bags and prayer cards, which were then delivered to residents at Salem Aged Care.

: Year 5s donating fruit to Rosies

:Year 6s donating coats and jackets to Rosies

Parents, thank you for your generosity!

REQUEST from St Vincent de Paul Op Shop: Today I received the following letter from Julie Inskip...
Toowoomba Vinnies op-shop on Ruthven Street has a need for donations like never before.

During Covid19 restrictions our shop was shut for an unprecedented eight weeks, where we were unable to accept donations.

Since re-opening the need for help and support from the shop has been overwhelming and donations have not kept up with demand.

 We are asking if your school would consider hosting a winter appeal targeting shop donations of clothes, shoes, toys, books, bedding and bric a brac.

Our Mini Vinnies members, the Year 5 students will be promoting this appeal and collecting the donations. Thank you in advance for your support. 

End of Term 2 Awards:

Cornerstone Value Awards
Adopt A Cop Awards
Thank you, Sergeant Kirsty Gleeson for being our wonderful Adopt a Cop, visiting our classes for a chat and also presenting the end of semester awards. 
Congratulations to all our award recipients:...

Stay warm everyone!


Semester One Report Cards

A reminder that report cards will be sent home on Friday July 24.  These reports will reflect that students learnt at school and remotely last semester.

In accordance with Toowoomba Catholic Schools' and Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority directives, teachers will report on a minimum of five learning areas.  Every year level will report on Maths, English, Religion and HPE.  Year levels will then choose to report on Science and/or HASS depending on the evidence of learning that has been collected.   That means that there will not be a grade for The Technologies, The Arts or Japanese this semester.

Teachers will still be providing marks via an A-E scale.  These will be supported by comments in Maths and English and a general comment.

If you have any questions about the report cards or are concerned in any way, please feel free to contact me on 

Semester One Academic Awards

Academic and Encouragement Awards will be presented to students during Week 3. Academic Awards are presented to students who perform exceptionally well (All A and B results) in all learning areas over the course of a semester.  One member of each class also receives an academic Encouragment Award for the effort they put into their learning over a semester.  If a student receives all A marks in their report card, an academic medal is awarded.

Teaching and Learning Meetings

During the first two weeks of this term, teaching staff and leadership are engaging in Teaching and Learning Meetings.  These meetings are to discuss the academic progress of all students and for future planning to maximise and prioritise teaching and learning in every classroom at St Saviour's Primary.  This time is also used for professional development opportunities and keeping up with current curriculum trends.  

Year 6 Sport Shirts

Dan Eagleson has informed me that he has some extra 2020 Year 6 leader shirts.  If your child has grown out of theirs or would like another one, please stop into the uniform shop to purchase a shirt.

Year 5 Camp

At this stage Year 5 Camp is going ahead this term from September 7 to 9 at Camp Cooby.  Parents of students in Year 5 will receive a letter home via Schoolzine this week with preliminary information about the camp.

Visit by Registered Nurse for Free Prep Vision Screening

Good vision is important for a child’s educational, physical and social development. Vision screening checks for common eye conditions that may impact your child’s ability to see and therefore impact their learning and development.  A Registered Nurse will be visiting the school on the 24th and 25th August to conduct vision screening for children in their prep year.  If you wish to have your prep child participate in this free vision screening program, please complete and sign the consent form that has been sent home with your child this week and return this to your child’s class teacher by Wednesday the 29th of July.    Parents do not need to be present for screening, however if you would like to be, please contact the school to arrange this.

If your child’s vision is screened, you will be advised of the results in writing. If a vision concern is found, you will receive a phone call from the nurse to discuss referral to an eye health professional for further assessment. If a vision concern is identified and your child requires glasses, eligible health care card holders may be assisted with free basic glasses through the Spectacle Supply Scheme.

Participation in vision screening is not compulsory. If you do not wish for your child to participate in screening, please complete the consent form and indicate that you wish to decline screening.  If you have any questions, please contact the Primary School Nurse Health Readiness Program on 1800 687 372.

Term 3 School Fees

Term 3 School Fees will be issued in Week 3 of this term.  All school fee accounts are emailed home to the nominated fee payer.  This will be the final school fee account issued for 2020.  

School Banking

School Banking is resuming this term.  If your child is a keen saver and was previously using our School Banking programme to deposit their savings, St Saviour's Primary will be accepting bank deposits again.  The banking day will remain on Tuesday of each week.  Children can deliver their bank deposit books directly to the office or via their class teacher first thing in the morning.  Any deposit books that get handed in late or after the banking has been processed will have their deposits held over to the following Tuesday.  If anyone is interested in becoming a school banker, please contact the office for more information.

Prep 2022

Prep enrolments are now being taken for Prep 2022.  Our Prep 2021 enrolments are now finalised.  We would encourage any families with Prep 2022 children to submit their application or pick up an enrolment package from the office as places are already filling for Prep 2022.

Birthday treats

At St Saviour's Primary we love to celebrate children's birthdays.  However due to current covid restrictions, home made birthday treats brought into school such as cupcakes or birthday cakes are unable to be used.  We thank you for your understanding during this time.

School Phone Number

St Saviour's Primary School now has a new phone number.

4637 1700

Please update your details accordingly.

St Saviour's Primary Website

St Saviour's Primary now has new website.  Jump on the site and familiarise yourself with it.  You will find it is full of information, important dates and upcoming events.

Dear Parents, Staff and Students

Welcome back to Term 3.  As we navigate our way through another unknown term of what may come, we hope that you all have had some family time over the past two weeks holiday.  There is much to look forward to this term including the Athletics Carnival, Class Masses, Book Week Celebrations, Catholic Education Week so be sure to add these important events to your family calendar.  Specific dates can be found on the school calendar on the Schoolzine app. 

This week we welcome ten new students to our school:

Sophie and Chelsea    Prep A

Sophia                        Prep T

Sienna                      Year 2F

Lotti                         Year 2S

Emily                        Year 3H

Isaac                        Year 3PM

Damon                     Year 3L

Mia                           Year 5K

Aliarna-May             Year 5W

 and trust that they and their families settle comfortably into the St Saviour’s Community.

Enrolments 2021

For 2021, we are at full capacity for Prep and later this term will invite these children to spend the morning in Prep at as part of their transition to our school. There are places available in all other year levels for 2021.

It is vital that you notify us if you know that your child will not be returning in 2021. Please complete the Care Monkey request to communicate this to our school so that future planning of staffing and class sizes can be determined.  Another child may be waiting for a place at St Saviour’s Primary School.  Thank you to the families who have already let us know about any changes.

COVID 19 updates:

Updated border restrictions for travellers from Victoria

The Queensland Government has announced a further tightening of the border restrictions for travellers from Victoria.  Full details are included in the Border Restrictions Direction (No.8) which applied from Friday 10th July.

The new restrictions mean any staff or students returning from Victoria will be forced to quarantine, which may be in a hotel at their own expense.  

School sport spectators update

The latest information from the Department of Education with regard to school sporting events is as follows:

In line with updates to the Roadmap, sport organisations following a COVID Safe Industry Plan can:

  • resume activity including competition and physical contact is permitted on the field of play
  • open indoor sports facilities with one person per four square metres (off the field of play)
  • open outdoor sports facilities with physical distancing (off the field of play).

In relation to spectator numbers, the Roadmap states that for events with fewer than 500 people, no approval is needed when following a COVID Safe Event Checklist and for 500 to 10,000 people – a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by local public health units will be required.

Unfortunately, these documents are not yet available, and we are awaiting further advice from Queensland Health in relation to COVID SAFE Event Plans and COVID Safe Event Checklists. Once this information is provided there should be further clarity in relation to numbers permitted at events. The Department of Education will provide this information as it becomes available.

The Department has FAQs for schools and parents available here.  These supersede the previous Rebooting School Sport document.

In summary, QLD Stage 3 restrictions as of 10 July. Key changes include:

  • Gatherings such as weddings and funerals can now include up to 100 people
  • Contact sport is allowed
  • Churches, theatres and stadiums can operate at 50 per cent capacity as long as the 4 square metre per person limit is maintained.
  • Small venues of up to 200 square metres can operate with a ratio of 2 square metres per person up to a limit of 50 people.

Assemblies for Term 3

As of Monday 20th July, we will resume having our school assembly in the Mercy Centre at 2:30p.m. on Mondays.  Parents are welcome to attend but must adhere to the one person per four square metres, sign in on arrival, maintain social distancing and hygiene measures.  Special thanks to our Year 6 Leaders, Lachlan, Grace T, Leon and Grace G for leading the school online over the past term.  Their technical and presentations skills were outstanding.  What a great team!

Parents entering the school grounds – we will continue to err on the side of caution with this restriction: We ask that parents wanting to enter must have a good reason and maintain covid-safe practices (hand sanitiser, not attending when unwell, maintaining social distance, not congregating etc. Thank you for adhering to this directive and keeping us all safe. 

Music News

Our Year 5 and 6 students for Semester Two will be learning how to play the Ukulele.  Mrs Spalding over the holiday break has been very busy in learning how to play as well.  We can't wait to see their first performance.  Special thanks to Mr Carson for once again giving so generously of his time and craftsmanship in making us a cabinet to house our ukuleles.  It is greatly appreciated.



The last week of Term 2 our Prep classes celebrated the term with an Alphabet party.  Attached are some photos from the day.


Stay Calm This Winter – Despite Uncertain Times

Children (and families) who are developing skills for emotional resilience are able to cope better with uncertain times – and the right support can help you role-model emotional resilience for your children.

Not everything is within your power to change, but you can make beneficial changes to your family with help from the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

This winter, while you’re scrolling through your phone after the kids have gone to bed, or on your laptop, swap just one hour of social media for one hour of Triple P Online, and be finished before you know it!

Triple P Online is FREE state wide, thanks to Queensland Government funding, and now includes a special extra module: “Parenting During COVID-19”. Start now at:

Anne Woodcroft-Brown
School Counsellor

We celebrate Book Week 2020 with the theme Curious Creatures Wild Minds in Week 10 next term. Our Book Week parade will be held on Tuesday 15th September (a date for your diary to prevent stress over dress up ideas). Library time in Term 3 will be dedicated to the Children’s Book Council notable books and challenges to student’s curiosity and strong minds. If you wish to delve into some themed art activities over the holidays check out the resources at 

Draw Your Own Curious Creature Create creature bookmarks  Colour some great posters  

 Bring your art work to the library next term and we will put it on display. 

Students can collect a selection of possible creative activities and challenges from the library next week to inspire some home-based holiday exploration following the theme Curious Creatures, Wild Minds 

Great Readers in Year 1 using Storybox Library to Boost their Reading Skills 


What a joy it was to hear and see children reading One Little Goat along with Ursula Dubosarsky. Such great expression and storytelling along with accuracy and word recognition.

Well done everyone! 

  Storybox Library is great for storytime at your place over the school holidays. Login at with ssps (username) stories (password). 

Thank you to our wonderfully generous library volunteers across Term 2; Kerrie Rowlings, Merryl Nunn, Trudi Eather, Claire Zull, Narelle Jackson, Mary Milton and family 

Happy restful reading everyone! 

Anne Anderson 

Teacher Librarian 


Term 2 School Fees are due tomorrow (FRIDAY 19th JUNE) Please contact the office to arrange payment if you have not already done so.

Payments can be made over the phone.  


The last day of Term 2 will be THURSDAY 25TH JUNE.  Friday is a Pupil Free Day.

Term 3 commences on MONDAY 13th JULY.


The Tuckshop will be open on THURSDAY the 25th June (last day of school for Term 2).

Please note that ordering is still via FLEXISCHOOLS under SPECIAL FIRST BREAK AND SPECIAL SECOND BREAK on the ordering page.  
Any families who have outstanding accounts from the Tuckshop for Term 2, please finalise this before the end of the term.  

Thank you.


Enrolment applications are now being taken for Year 1-6 for 2021.  If you know of a family that may be thinking of enrolling at St Saviour's please encourage them to do so quickly as places are filling fast.

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